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I am so sick of people talking shit about things they never experienced.

How can they not understand that just because that bad thing doesn’t happen to you it doesn’t mean it’s not a problem? How selfish and self centered is this kind of attitude?

It’s so easy for a white person to just say, “racism might have been a problem in the past, nowadasy things are different”. DUDE. YOU’RE NOT BLACK. YOU DO NOT LIVE WITH THAT KIND OF OPPRESSION. HOW CAN YOU KNOW??

"Oh how can you know then, Rosie? You’re white too!"

Exactly! Still I do stop and listen, ask about it to people who have a shitty daily life BECAUSE OF IT, and make the best use of my empathy to not only acknowledge but understand unfair things and do my best to spread awareness. Yes things might be infinitely better nowadays, yes slavery has been successfully (?) extinguished from more developed countries, but certain things exist so deeply in our culture the damage is much, much deeper than that.

Have you watched that video where they take tiny little kids of various ethnicities, 4, 5 years old and ask them about their own skin color? The whole “Which is the pretty doll, the light skinned one or the dark skinned one?” Do you know what the kids answered? Every single one, no matter what skin color, always say the white skinned doll is the pretty, good one, and the dark skinned doll is the bad, ugly one. Do you really not believe that’s a manner of oppression? Do you really believe that it’s okay for these pure little creatures to “learn” in a very subtle way by the media and the society that dark skin is bad and ugly and white skin is pure and pretty?

The other day an anonymous came to basically tell/ask me that “he’s a male but he always thought being a gamer was nothing but liking games, and the boys club kind of meaning around the term is but a myth”. I later talked about this to two or three female friends of mine who are also gamers, and we all agreed that HE ONLY SAID THAT BECAUSE HE IS ALSO A MALE. Of course you won’t feel that kind of aggressivity towards you when you never had it directed at you! But you don’t have to pretend it’s a myth, you don’t have to reject criticism about it or treat it like a threat. You could just listen about it, learn it is a problem and be a positive force to help and make it stop!

My best friend is a trans person and I never had IDEA of the kind of aggressions trans individuals suffer until she transitioned. Can you guess why?

I’ll give you a hint.


It was very simple for me to live my whole life happilly believing that trans people have a safe and healthy environment to be in, just like I do. Adding several trans girls and guys on Facebook in the last two years have violently opened my eyes, and the reality is much more cruel than I’ve ever imagined.

What do I do with this information?

I listen. I learn. I try to figure out how can I help. I ask for opinions from the trans people I know, I do my best to be understanding and respectful. I spread awareness. I work to try and change the picture, even if I’m such a tiny little speck of dust in a sandstorm.

It should be so damn easy. It should be fucking obvious. If you haven’t lived, grown with a certain kind of oppression, then you shouldn’t feel like you have the right to talk over other people about it. The fact so many people can’t understand this makes me so mad, so sad, so hopeless.

If you’re not a male, don’t act like you know what’s like to be opressed for being a female.

If you’re not trans, don’t act like you know what’s like to be opressed by a cis-normative society.

If you’re white, don’t try to tell me racism doesn’t exist.

If you’re mentally healthy, don’t try to invalidate disorders like depression, autism or any other concept that it’s hard for you to grasp.

We have to stop hitting each other on the toes.

We have to stop hearing and begin LISTENING.

There’s a huge difference.


The Greatest Tattoo Artists in the World, and where to find them.

Peter Aurisch - Berlin, Germany

Alice Carrier - Portland, Oregon

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David Hale in Athens, Georgia 

Ondrash in Znojmo, Czech Republic




You really are sinful, you know. What will you do with yourself? All these demons wrapped around your finger. Everyone acknowledges your power now, my love. …Right, Daddy? Oh. Hey there, Dad. Didn’t, uh…didn’t see you there. I don’t even know what to make of it; a mere human with this much power… It’s simply unheard of!

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