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As you know I’ve been working hard on redrawing Princess Princess, and I’m super excited to finally share the finished product with you guys! Check it out if you like your princess romances in full colour.

I’m currently investigating printing options, so if you’re interested in that please stay tuned!


I’m so angry right now.

The landlady made a few changes in the rules (we can’t use the fraction of yard we used anymore, God knows why, and she RAISED THE RENT EVEN MORE) and they are so, so very unfair. She’s gotta be insane to think that’s even barely fair.

So of course that put my mom into house-hunting job again. Now it’s the time where I get selfish.

You know for how long I’ve been waiting for this area to get good internet?

Four fucking years.

Four fucking years not being able to stream well, not being able to load content on Tumblr, not being able to watch friends’ streams, not being able to download games or music, not being able to watch Netflix or use the wifi on any device because the crappy junglenet wouldn’t allow it.

Now that I finally get what I’ve been waiting for, now that we’ve all adapted so well as a family to this house, it’ll get ripped right off our hands.

It’s so fucking unfair and enraging.


Must try: jelly rainbow swirl dry marble by ermahgerdperlish

For this, just drop several drops of different polishes on a plastic bag & swirl them around with a toothpick (or something pointy). Wait for them to dry completely, peel them off and stick them to your nail with slightly wet polish or base cost. You might want to trim them down as closely to the size of your nail as possible, but still slightly larger. You’ll have to clean around the edges of your nail and then top coat!”

Wow. :O

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